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GitLab - Custom Git Hooks

GitLab でサーバサイドフックを定義する方法。

Normally, git hooks are placed in the repository or project's hooks directory. GitLab creates a symlink from each project's hooks directory to the gitlab-shell hooks directory for ease of maintenance between gitlab-shell upgrades. As such, custom hooks are implemented a little differently. Behavior is exactly the same once the hook is created, though. Follow these steps to set up a custom hook.

  • Pick a project that needs a custom git hook.
  • On the GitLab server, navigate to the project's repository directory. For an installation from source the path is usually /home/git/repositories//.git. For Omnibus installs the path is usually /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories//.git.
  • Create a new directory in this location called custom_hooks.
  • Inside the new custom_hooks directory, create a file with a name matching the hook type. For a pre-receive hook the file name should be pre-receive with no extension.
  • Make the hook file executable and make sure it's owned by git.
  • Write the code to make the git hook function as expected. Hooks can be in any language. Ensure the 'shebang' at the top properly reflects the language type. For example, if the script is in Ruby the shebang will probably be #!/usr/bin/env ruby.

That's it! Assuming the hook code is properly implemented the hook will fire as appropriate.

GitLab Documentation


  • GitLab では .git/hooks フォルダ配下の各フックは全プロジェクト共通
  • プロジェクト個別にフックを定義したい場合は custom_hooks フォルダを作ってフックを格納するのが作法っぽい


  • custom_hooks フォルダを作成しとその配下にフックを配置する
  • 各フックには適切な Permission を定義しておく
  • hooks はリンクが貼ってある

/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/SampleGroup/SampleProject.git プロジェクトの場合

├── HEAD
├── config
├── custom_hooks
│   ├── post-receive
│   ├── pre-receive
│   └── update
├── description
└── hooks -> /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-shell/hooks
     ├── post-receive
     ├── pre-receive
     └── update


  • hooks/pre-receive
  • custom_hooks/pre-receive
  • hooks/update
  • custom_hooks/update
  • hooks/post-receive
  • custom_hooks/post-receive


  • gitlab_custom_hook を読み込んで GitlabCustomHook を呼び出す
  • GitlabCustomHook から custom_hooks を呼び出す
# Fix the PATH so that gitlab-shell can find git-upload-pack and friends.
ENV['PATH'] = '/opt/gitlab/bin:/opt/gitlab/embedded/bin:' + ENV['PATH']

require_relative '../lib/gitlab_custom_hook'

if, old_value, new_value, repo_path)
  exit 0
  exit 1